Friday, January 11, 2013

Enjoying Everything II

Teaching our children to appreciate God's gifts in creation and what we can learn from them is vital...and also that they learn to love absolutely everything about God and what He's given us. Everything! As going to church/fellowship, praying and seeking God's face, studying the bible and being a witness are really important things to do...however, when we walk out the church doors, or out of our prayer closet, God and what relects His awesome nature is still around us. To convict the world, and to teach and inspire us!

Enjoy God's creative works! They are truly wondrous...and no matter our varying opinions about how best to care for (or use) them...we have to admit that God's extraordinary creation continues to amaze!! But, since creation reflects it's Creator, then what else is new?


Included here are some of my lame attempts to create colorful animals....but, one can never outdo God! You'll also meet Koko, an amazing bird, smart dog and picture of a real moth that looks like a teddy bear.

                                Click to enlarge


                                       Inspiration: The classic story "Charlotte's Web" 





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