Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Parable of Change

Looking at this coming year as a time of metamorphosis...


Jesus often used parables because they challenge the devout seeker to dig truth is precious and is not always apparent for just anyone to see.


I wrote the following parable...a narrative really...through the eyes of a caterpillar who feels the stirring inside of it's forthcoming growth and change...of the fears, the hopes, the dreams of change...and perhaps, if it had the words, what it would say about it. 


I wrote this in hopes that it would help us, as a part of God's creation, to be reminded that it is also in our destiny to go through growth and change...if we allow it to happen. As God's desire for us is that we become His. He bought us with a high yes, He does own us ~ yet, He only takes full possession of all the areas of our hearts when we decide to believe in His love and power enough to give them to Him.

To say yes to God's idea of truth, love, and grace...even if it sounds odd to His ways are very different than ours! 


To submit to rejecting the feelings of condemnation, because you are now fully saved! As these feelings just inhibit your willingness to submit to God's wanting to mold you into the likeness of His Son.


To submit to growing from milk to meat...from childhood to maturity. From the familiar carnal life we are used to living  - to a Holy Spirit-led Christian life.


To say yes to the journey.

Rev. 3:19
I correct and discipline everyone I love. So be diligent and turn from your indifference.

 1 Pet. 2:2
As newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby. 

1 Cor. 3:2
I gave you milk to drink. I didn't give you solid food because you weren't ready for it. Even now you aren't ready for it.

Eph. 4:15

Instead, by speaking the truth in love, we will grow up completely and become one with the head, that is, one with Christ.


"A Becoming Life" - metaphorical poem in three parts, written in traditional style. Please look up the words that are unfamiliar to you.

I. Commencement of Innocence


I was born into this place, a realm brand new to me.

T’was pristine and strange, so wonderful - amazing to see.

I looked up, a deep blue chasm. Too beautiful to believe!

Thus a fervent desire to be there, pressed upon my heart to leave.

For the moment my eyes had opened, my mind was wholly torn.

In what way could I take flight, devoid of wings since I was born?


A longing to escape, had left me entirely perplexed.

Oh, inured had I become, and so positive I’d been hexed.

Yet, I saw others like myself, who were new such as I.

Then I wondered if they also, had the yearning to fly?

They all were completely engaged, with no lingering or waver,

As leaves bidding strong return, must give a sumptuous flavor.


Hence I ate and continued on, plumping up with fervor and zest.

Wondering which tasty leaf, would sprout wings the very best?

I ate and watched to see, when other’s would obtain their wings.

Though none did I see appear, while all were feasting like kings.

Then, a deep stirring inside me, that was speaking to me so sweet.

A steady drawing, a pull and an urging, I agreed was meant to entreat.


Still open to question, (at last) I listened closely to my heart.

The desire within, so strong, to do whatever was my part.

As I followed, a gentle tug inside me, each step along the way,

I felt an embrace all ‘round me that was sweeter then the buffet!

Scary and exciting altogether, as it wasn’t from this world.

Oh, to let it happen, still - I fought to keep it hence unfurled.


What marvel did I perceive? Should have I resided nigh the ground?

This, still unproven. Thus far, ’twas better I remained earthbound!  



II. Challenge of Reformation

Tho it appeared others were doing it. They kept eating - becoming so fat!

Indeed, I thought it prudent, to reside right there, and persist in doing that!

Conversely, I yearned to be amenable to the persistent urging inside.

That call to become something more, to it I never wanted to hide!

To maintain a true heart - disclosed. As it pointed to the sky.

Truth will not be ignored, thus, I would listen and keep it nigh.


Yes, I was born with a heart to fly, though devoid of wings.

Reflection took me to the sky, to see the splendor of things.

I, bound within that swathe, a design chosen for me.

My purpose to fulfill, though not plain for eyes to see.

A heart full - here a thousand things, invention, queries and fears.

A hope, a life extraordinary. Vigor, to enrich not only my peers.


Feelings a bit scary, as I, embraced by that command.

Then, tenderly swaddled - while losing sight of the land.

Sometimes, yes, the growing pains, were more then I could bear.

With the languor of my condition, oh, at times seemed quite unfair.

As my life continued changing, I truly could not have told,

What was occurring within me, was too mysterious to behold.


No denouement did I have, in where my fate was taking me,

Yet, boundless trust did I boast, in the hope of my destiny.

As the world and time passed, yearnings of freedom did ensue,

My heart, calmed by knowing, the freedom nature would imbue.

My dreams of alation, were further frequent and so haunting!

Moreover the intuit of release, was deepening and more daunting.


The labor pangs, oh my birthday, get ready, get set, now begin!

Yet, clashing were my forebodings, with my desire to remain within.

The cynosure of that dwelling, a solace nothing else could outdo.

Though untoward it was to stay, I wanted most to halt my debut.

Yet, the grace I began to feel, to help ease each fearful notion,

Commenced to calm the throngs of voices that could fill an ocean. 




 III. Fulfillment of a Dream

The palest glow, a glint, a spark, a glimmer of subtle light,

Came a preview of my future, a grand foretaste - my birthright.

As a thread of anticipation filled my heart - a wisp of serendipity,

The encouragement to move and stretch - grew with intensity.

So is this true, this ineffable state, was I ‘bout to be free?

This had surely become, something more then a propinquity.


A blinding light, an amazing scent, bid - break from this shell!

To be nimble, lithely - to flee at last! Courage to say farewell.

Each breach so quintessential. A ripping and a veracious tear,

A renewed fervor, a freedom from restraint, and a plethora of air.

Oh, this inspired creation. The incipience of a brand new life.

Over soon was that struggle, where hesitance and doubt were rife.


The unfurling of my outgrowth, exercising the endowment to me.

Was new and novel and scary, and was a part of my own epiphany.

The wait, oh, I thought, would it never end? How long need I dawdle?

My cosset no longer needed or to imprison - nor to mollycoddle!

The breeze, it came, to dry my wings. A whiffle to command a flutter.

Utterly astonishing, wholly ineffable - sprouted plumes, soft as butter!


Bar the leap from that safe place, into something I’ve never known.

A thing that is otherworldly. Kindled fears of plummeting as stone.

So redolent those blossoms - wondrous! Release of fears brings reward!

Elation in flight, a labyrinthine in air, an exemplar - perhaps a vanguard?

The blooms, so enticing! Whispered, “Come, relish your Pyrrhic victory!”


The reason for my life and becoming, the telling of this passionate story.

With joy of emancipation, as I heeded the weaving of this - my life.

My imbued verve exemplifies surrender, nurturing joy and less strife.

The wonder ‘round you. Nature, the first sacred canon - blessed harmony!

Grasping the impact. An offering of boundless lessons, to live abundantly. 



By Jenny Elaine Sorge

Friday, December 28, 2012

Let Your Light SO Shine!

A child's rendering of a Lightening Bug

*                   *                    *            *

Matthew 5:16
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

*                      *               *    *                 *

1 Peter 2: 11-12 Beloved, I beg of you, as wayfarers and as foreigners, depart from all these desires of the body that make war against the soul, And let your way of life be beautiful before all children of men who speak wicked words of you, that they may see your works and praise God in the day of examination.


We have a life...Jesus...within us that can make a huge difference in people's lives. Whether people know it or not they are looking to us to show them that God is real. Telling them is one thing....but, when they SEE God in us...when they see the life He is bringing about IN US...then it will be much harder for them to argue the fact that God is real.


Then IF God becomes real to a person, then this fact moves them to open their heart to Him a little wider...and when this happens you better believe God's Holy Spirit wastes no time in capturing the moment in time when that happens. If you will do nothing else for the Kingdom of God this coming least do this - pray that God puts it deep inside your heart to shine Christ to those around you. Through planned and unplanned appointments...however, if you are open to keeping your light lit, God will bless you with many unplanned appointments.


Your appointment could be just noticing someone with a big smile that answers the prayer of one who prayed secretly that morning that God would show them that He is real.

You just never know.


Or it could be a planned activity with a whole group of people that is filled with the joy of the Lord. The following is a wonderfully planned appointment...a church in Armenia planned this "Jesus Loves You" flash mob.



Thursday, December 27, 2012

This Time Of Year....


This has been a particularly difficult Christmas, as I wasn't able to be with my parents who live over 700 miles away, as well as my daughter who lives even needless to say I am glad that Christmas is over.


Christmas, actually has not been the best time of year for me for a long time...but yet it does keep me mindful of the many people in this world that have a very difficult time at Christmas too. I'm sorry to put a damper on your holidays, but I would ask that you take a moment and pray for the people around you that may not have a smile on their face during this time of year.


Unfortunately, there are more people experiencing deep depression as well as committing suicide during this time of year than at any other time. As a person who has experienced depression I can say that it feels like you're drowning. Everyone gets the blues, but a tendency toward a deeper "blueness"...or depression can truly rob a person of so much.


 During this time of year God has been bringing home to me what it means to trust Him with my whole climb up onto His lap and snuggle up and just be with my Father. Yet, there are many people who don't know that they can do this. They don't know that there is Someone much bigger then they are that loves them.


 Please take some time and ask the Lord to use you in the lives of those around you this coming year...those whom you notice at the store or at work who need to be shown mercy and God's love. Who need to be introduced to the Great Physician...the One who came to save them in more ways than one.


Yes, I am almost positive that there will be people that you'll run into either in line at the grocery store, at the bank or at work who has cried and asked God to show them that He exists...that He is there. So every smile or caring gesture you impart may very well be the one thing that makes the difference in some one's life. But even if someone you meet or stand next to hasn't prayed that prayer ~ you better believe that God will use your show of love for His glory...and it will bring you even closer in your growth to becoming more like Christ!


Eph. 4:15

Instead, we will lovingly speak the truth, growing in every way more and more like Christ, who is the head of His body, the church.



Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Color In Your Christmas...

Color in your Christmas with love!! The devil has tried to take what God has created and twist everything. So, lets take everything back!



Lets take the time to share with our children about the greatness of God this holiday. The enemy thinks he always has one up on us, but he never does. He tries to twist the wonderful things God created for us, but we can shrug his stupid stuff off and show our kids God's beautiful gifts and His creativity...and how He made us to be creative too ~ because we were made in His image. Take a walk today and find pine cones and evergreen and talk about how God created everything in His creation to remind us of the evergreen, that is 'ever' or always green and when we make it into a wreath it is round with no end, to remind us that God's love never ends. Then when we put a star on the top of the tree it reminds us of the star of Bethlehem. 



The candy cane was created by someone who loved Jesus and wanted people to remember He is our Good Shepherd (the shape of a crook) and the red part was to remind us about how Jesus bled and died for us, and the white part was a reminder of how that blood makes our sins as white as snow!



I'm sure you can think of many of the other things that God has put in His creation that shows His existance and His love for us! Take a walk after your presents and your meal today and see for yourself! Or take time this week to be creative....



Merry Christmas!!