Friday, February 1, 2013

God's Character II

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God's way of dealing with sin is in the same way that light deals with just exists. The purpose of light is to expose whatever was in the darkness, and then to expel the darkness (without even trying)...with the end result being to bring about life - very much like what the sun does.  If one has actually thought about it and has endeavored to understand...God's way of dealing with sinners is to be around them like *Jesus was so that His light can do all the things that it does!




 Using any kind of force by ostracizing (partiality or hatred) or publicly exposing their sin (unkindness) will not produce anything righteous. We cannot use the actions of the carnal nature to fight the carnal nature. We cannot be in sin as a way to fight sin! Only light can win over darkness. This is why Jesus ate with the worst sinners...because His light disarmed them just by being there. This is why we are commanded to love our enemies...for their sakes and so we stay in the light and learn to always fight from there.



If we act as though it is an inconvenience to have to deal with sinners...and how ungodly they are...and how they persecute us and get in the way of our rights...then WE had better do a humble re-evaluation of where we stand with God - more so, where we WANT to stand with God!


Because --
1 Tim. 1:15 "It is a trustworthy statement, deserving full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, among whom I am foremost of all"




St. Paul understood the whole purpose for Christ's coming was to reconcile the world to bring all of many as possible...back to God.


So, does it work to fight unkindness with unkindness? How about hatred with hatred? So many unbelievers, because they live in this fallen world too, have had many hurts which is why they have become angry and selfish. So, how does it help them stop sinning...or become giving them more of the same? It does not make any spiritual sense!



 And if you are going to be like well as what they are used to...then how will they see the contrast - the difference in YOU that would make them want to be what you are!?




James 1:20
For human anger does not produce the righteousness of God.


* Jesus did rebuke sinners, but only after showing His love and power, and giving them a chance to repent.


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