Friday, February 1, 2013

God's Character I



I've learned that God's love has some amazing attributes. Everything God does stems from His love. God's pure love softens hearts and gives sacrificially. Because He has no darkness in Him, His intentions are never-ever evil...or never even near it for that matter. He would not inspire anything that is not of the light. 



 God's love has no darkness, yet He can still be with, and love people in darkness  - because love will set the limit of not participating in the things of darkness. In fact, His love has the profound capability to loosen the hold darkness has on sinners...because light expels darkness just by it's mere presence.


 He would rather never have to dole out judgment...however, because He has no darkness in Him at all, He wants the same for His children. The things that reside in darkness are destructive, which is why He rejects them, and wants us to do the same.




Everything God does has strong intentions and purposes behind when looking into God's written word this is the reason to never intentionally cut corners, but to take every word, every verse and every chapter in scripture seriously...and be diligent to understand what God is truly saying by making sure you know who is speaking to who, and about what, and why, so that your study and outcome can be approved by God.




Also, when He inspired the writers of scripture He would never have had them write something that would be out of His character. Therefore, we first must make sure we keep in mind that the actual author was not human, but God Himself. So when we are looking for answers it is important to realize they  may not sound logical to what our human brain is used to!



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God has high ideals, so we are to humbly study, seek and learn to be good at hearing from God, so that we are never allowing our human nature to be in charge so as to try and bring God down to our level...but instead we are always reaching upward...higher and His!





God showed us His character when He came down and dwelt among us in bodily form. Jesus was the exact representation of the Father. He walked among sinners and ate with fact He went out of His way to be with those who were hated, and His love softened their hearts and disarmed them.




So any rebuking of sinners was either after they had rejected Christ's determined show of God's love for them...or because they were abusers, who were in the way of people coming to know God's love and plan for them. Time after time after time Christ showed God's amazing love....which was why people followed Him in droves. Then later on, St. Paul explained in words what Christ had already that we can walk as He walked.




Yes, He rebuked others. He rebuked those that tried to keep children away from Him. He rebuked demons and the devil when he tried to tempt Him. He also rebuked His disciples for their lack of faith, or if they said things that those who actually spent as much time with Jesus as they did should never say, then He would.



God wants so much for everyone to be saved. Therefore He wants us to learn to live in the world without being of it...therefore to be as patient as we can with unbelievers before we decide to brush the dust off our feet. To treat them the way we would have wanted to be treated if we were in their shoes. They do not have the new nature and the power of the Holy Spirit to help them deal with sin.  Please click on this URL to read 1 Cor. 5 -



I just recently wrote a post about walking with Christ...becoming yoked with Him. When we decide to do this, we also have to be willing to walk in the light. SO, what is IN the light anyway?

More to come....

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