Sunday, January 27, 2013

The One Thing Worse Than ANY Sin! -- 3 Page Study



If you could think of the worst thing  you could ever do in your lifetime...or anyone else could do in their's, what would it be? What would be that one dire error? Now, the thing I am thinking about would be a, I mean this IS like, missing the mark BIG time! This thing would be, well, the grand-daddy of all mark missing! This particular transgression is SO TeRrIbLe that you would be in a horrible fix for all of eternity! Here's a hint -- Jesus gave His life so you and I wouldn't have to go through this! Now remember, this one issue is worse than any and all sin. THE WORST! In fact this is the only maneuver worse than any sin, that in itself can keep us from a relationship with God, and from living for eternity in His heaven. We don't work our way to heaven, right? We can't be good enough for heaven...ever! We could get medal after medal for being the best at keeping the law so perfectly...but if we slipped up in just this one we'd be sunk! In fact, if we messed up by doing just this one thing we would still be sunk even if we were as righteous as Job. Notwithstanding, even if you or I were the worst sinners in existence this would still not keep us out of heaven if we ended up with at least not doing this one other thing. Moreover, even if we were 10x more charitable than Mother Theresa and got on our knees everyday to ask forgiveness for every sin we ever had, but still did not deal with this one thing...there would still be no heaven! YES, in fact you could get on your knees and plead with God to forgive you of everything, but if you didn't also get this one issue right with God...then the other sins would always have the power to condemn you...forever!  This one issue is above all others and all things eternal hang on it. If you or I committed 1000 atrocities we could still get to heaven if we didn't end up making this particular one. Therefore, this one huge atrocitiy can completely do you in! I mean, way IN!   



                                            So, what is it?

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