Saturday, January 5, 2013

Letter To The World


P.S. However, there is something that you can put your money into that you CAN take to heaven with you! Wanna know what it is? People. Because whenever you invest in a person it is never waisted....never. Even if you never see one ounce of change in the person, God honors your efforts and that is not something to poo-poo.


When ever you show concern for someone, you are being Christ to that person....and that is NOT to be taken lightly.


Whenever you show love to a sinner you are obeying God's most important that person's darkness needs to see the light of hope in you.


Whenever you show deep concern for a deep sinner, you show them there is a better way to live. You've also done something that will be almost impossible for them to argue with you about...your actions. They can argue against your words and say they don't believe...but it is much harder to argue against your actions and the light they SEE in you!!


So, yes...there is something you can take with you! 

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