Thursday, February 28, 2013

This Is Not Where I Belong



As you are going about your day, you get a knock on the door. When you open it, there are three people standing there. You know who they are, as they've visited before several times...and lately you've been a bit more curious too. There are also a couple families on your block who have joined what they've offered and there is something so different about them, not weird different, but a good and peaceful different. However, life has been so busy, and even difficult, that you haven't ever taken the time to really find out what they offer other than a ticket to what they say is a special place.



They were very nice and asked if you knew or had ever heard about what they offered before? You said you knew of them as they had visited before...but you didn't remember what they said, except that their caring demeanor left an impression. So they proceeded to tell you that it was a travel package to a very special place. It was amazing, because as they spoke your heart was about to jump out of your chest, kind of like it already knew what this was all about before you did!


They told you that it's a place that will make you feel like you are finally home, even before you even get there! That statement rings true, yet, how can that be, you think? Anyway, you ask what day would you have to plan on leaving? They tell you that is still to be determined...but that you will receive upon acceptance a personal hallmark from the Sovereign Himself, so you need not worry about being forgotten when the day comes!


Then you ask them about what one does while they are waiting for that day? One of the men standing there chimes in and says, "Nothing, if you don't want to!" Then he proceeds to tell you that you'll receive a letter written by the Sovereign Himself. A treasured message with many nuggets of His truths, His ways and His love contained within it...all to get you ready for the trip!



But, the words that one said keeps ringing in your ears, "Nothing - nothing -no-thing??" 'Hmmm. I don't have to do anything', you think?? Oh, that's right you didn't ask how much the membership and the trip cost!? Well, no wonder he said NOTHING!... because the whole package is probably SO expensive that there is no way they'd dare ask you to do anymore than what you've already done!! Ha!!


Then before you even open your mouth another one of the men standing there says, "Oh, I'll bet you are wondering the cost!?" You nod whole-heartedly, and then begin to compute in your head how much you've saved up and what you could sell, and how you probably don't have enough to pay your way because of some debts you have...and then if they knew the times you were not honest with your money and....oh, my!...especially since you heard one of them say that all members must have a clean slate before they are accepted!



So, you begin to tell him these things, and with each word you get more and more red as you feel your face become so flushed...and your stomach SO sick! But then he says the strangest, and most unexpected thing - it's free, because it has been totally paid for by the Sovereign Himself. Huh?!? "Naww...there has got to be a catch", you say! Then he continues and says, "It's not only free to you, but your slate will be counted as completely this means that there is nothing that can keep you out!"



Then another fellow speaks up and says, "Well then, we will be on our way...and when you need us we can always come back"...and then moves closer and looks deep into your eyes, then continues..."after you accept this membership, there will be one very important thing that He'll want you to know as you enter this new life.".  




Then without another word, one of them hands you a very lovely box with a card attached, then they turn and begin walking away. You look down at the box, then look up to ask what that thing is...and to say good-bye...but they are gone! You look this way and that...and don't even see any tail lights. Hmmm...




As you turn to go back in the house you about trip on the stoop, as your mind is just going round and round. However, you make it to the couch and sit there looking at the box and thinking about the prospects. You think about what they told you...He invites YOU, and has already shouldered the cost Himself and is getting everything ready there for YOU...and then He Himself sends you a personal invitation to join Him! Wow, you think! Is this really true? Hmmm. But then you remember what one of them said before they left. There is something else He wants me to know!





So, you take a big breath and open the you read the invitation you feel a tug on your heart. Then you pick up the box and shake it alittle bit and look at it from all sides...and begin to carefully open it...but as you begin unfolding the top it seems to open all by itself. Then as you look inside you sense a slight fact it is something you know you've heard before.



Very distinctive. Nothing you ever hear on a regular basis. Then the still small voice instructs you to reach into the box. As you do your hand lands on a small feather-light dove...and you just know what to do with if you've known all along! So you enthusiatically press it into your chest and it vanishes. You know something has happened...



In minutes you are pouring out your heart and you know the Sovereign hears you. Then you remember bumping up against a couple of other things in the box you reach in and find two scrolls. Written on the outside of one of them it says, 'Your journey has just begun'. You open that one first, very carefully...inside (URL), they read:





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