Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Prayer Closet Conversation

Me: Lord, oh, what a day! I need to crawl up in your lap. I am so glad You are with me. You are so great and so good! I know my attitude wasn’t good today…I want to ask you something…

God: I’m here...

Me: But I am not sure if it’s OK to tell you how I really feel!

God: But, I already know....

Me: Oh, yes…true... Well, by the time I got home today I had a splitting headache. What a day! ...and I'm sorry to say Father, but I have been mad at You because I know you have the power to do anything...so why did you let so much stuff happen to me today? I'm so frustrated!

God: I am listening…

Me: Well, the alarm clock didn‘t go off and I know I set it last night. Before work I wanted to get to the same store that I bought that butterfly net...ya know, right after it opened!

God: Yes…

Me: Then I couldn‘t get the front door to lock, and then finally when I did, the key got stuck…and then it took so long to get it back out again…so by the time I stepped in the door at work I was barely on time and I already had a headache starting! Then on top of that my boss was not very happy!

God: ...I'm listening closely....

Me: ...then at noon break the lunch line came to a stop right when I got in it...even though there were only 2 people! It took about 10 minutes to get through that line…which means I only had time to eat a few bites of my food!

God: Hmmm.

Me: Then on the way home my phone rang 3 times, and so by the 3rd ring I figured there was someone who really needed to get a hold of me, so I looked for a place to turn off the road to talk…then when I picked up the phone to see who called, it was dead. I couldn’t believe it!

God: Yes, I know these things can happen...and it can be frustrating to be inconvenienced.

Me: And on top of all that, when I got home I just wanted to finally get that lawn mowed!...but the mower would not start!!! Nothing went right today! Why did You let these things happen to me?? ...OH....I'm sorry God, I know it's really a sin to talk this way...oh, my, I can't be mad at you!!

God: Actually my child, it would be a sin to hold those toxic feelings inside...as they can get in the way of our relationship. I bless you for trusting my love enough to let them come out into the light.

Hmmm, now, remember how you’ve been telling Me your frustrations about reading scripture? The reason your alarm didn‘t go off on time was because I wanted you to meet the lady you met on the elevator….remember her? Later on you’ll see her again and she’ll share something with you she's learned that will also help you…and then you both will be blessed by it!

Me: OH (embarrassed).….ah, yes, I remember her.

God: I didn't let the door cooperate with you because I wanted to keep you in the house for another 5 minutes because the next door neighbor’s dog had gotten out, and you know how he bites...and I was going to use your tardiness as a tool in dealing with your boss's attitudes.

Me: (ashamed)

God: …and about your noon break - that cashier, you know the one you like so well? She asked Me to slow things down at the same time you stepped in line. The lady that was talking to her happened to ask her for prayer…so she wanted a minute to exchange numbers, since she rarely sees her and didn’t want to lose the opportunity.

Me: : Ok…(humbled)

God: Then your phone went dead because the person who called wanted to ask you to be in charge of something…and since I had other plans for you, I stopped the call from coming through. By the way, I am so pleased with the light you shine each day…and you do it joyfully wherever you go! I want to help you grow a little bit each day, so you become used to being inconvenienced...so you'll learn to be more and more open to joyfully minister to someone whenever you encounter such a situation...and there are many people that need to be shown My love!

Me: (softly) You bless me Lord....thank you for your grace and mercy...

God: Oh, and that lawn mower, it had a loose blade and was about to fly off!

Me: I'm so sorry Father.

God: I really like your heart attitude! Now I would like you to take another step in taking control over your fears. To do that means to be able to trust my love. Then the more you trust, the more you will be able to comply with what I ask of you…even in the things that seem hard to do.

Me: I want to trust you more Father...

God: Remember these words in scripture *“taking all thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ"?

Think about how delightful your niece was the other day when you gave her the butterfly net and she caught the two butterflies. Now think of all your fears and ugly thoughts going wild, flying all around, pestering you and causing problems.

What those words in scripture mean is that I want you to capture those thoughts in a similar way as a person catches butterflies. By faith in My power choose to take each one of those thoughts captive. Then as each are captured, self-control becomes much easier…because your thoughts don’t rule you, you rule them! This is a learning process and takes time…but, we will work together and it’ll begin happening! I am pleased that you always desire to learn more about Me and how to do things so as to become more and more like My Son.

Me: I love you Lord…and I thank you for taking care of me today. I do want to learn to rest in you more....

God: You're welcome, child. I love you and I love looking after My children.

* 2 Cor. 10: 4-5

By Jenny Sorge c

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