Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Who Is The Enemy? II

The following is my reply (with a few edits) to a post in another blog, that I decided to post here. The concern of the article was essentially that we were not winning our war against the gay agenda because Christians are becoming less interested in the fight.  



What is sad to me is how much the enemy has lied to us. Over **1/3 of the American population are professing evangelical Christians, and there are only around ***4% of the population that are professing gays. Yet, even tho we...the 1/3...have a power and a love so great, that if #activated could overwhelm not only the gays, but also all the other groups that are just as sinful as they are or we are (even tho we have picked out this group as tho they are more sinful), like the pedophiles, the Satan worshipers, the wife abusers, the gossipers, greedy, the KKK and their affiliates, and all the rest who are spreading ##deliberate destruction...we have chosen to fight using 'weapons' with much less power.


If we spent our time learning what it means to become more like Christ, then seeking and focusing on God for that outcome, then the light we would become would be such a force,  that it would cause  people to come to Christ in amazing numbers. Our fight is not against people, it is against the devil. The gays are sinners just like we were and are...and if we choose to spend our time and energy using God's power and love, the kind Christ used towards sinners, instead of secular means, to change, would things happen! This is just one small example, but take a little time and read "In His Steps"  at  > It's about a church that decided to walk as Christ would, and in so doing made a huge difference in the lives around them. This is a free e-book of the original that was written many years ago. The issues were different in this story, but God isn't.




#We can choose to be just another dogmatic special interest group, or choose to walk as Christ (Christ-ian)...because they are very different from one another. We choose to walk in the steps of the Holy Spirit. These things don't just automatically happen.  We choose to be as a a sweet aroma, that draws people where ever we go. 2 Cor. 2:14 "But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place." Being like Christ means to be careful when speaking and handling the must be mixed with love in how and when it is spoken.  Eph. 4:15 "Instead, we will speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ, who is the head of his body, the church."


## Most gays are just you and me who are trying to live their lives the best way they know how, with what they have. They are not out to impose on anyone. Most are not extremists and just want what every sinner wants...freedom. Yet, the other groups, who do intend to impose on others, have gotten almost no pressure put on them, especially as compared to the gay community. This all seems very cock-eyed to me! Yes...absurd.





  1. Good article. You are right, we choose how to walk our life, with or without Christ. We all struggle with sin and temptation. That is why it is important for us as Christians to live our lives reflecting Jesus. Someone asked me if I thought Jesus would sit down with homosexuals. To be honest I never thought of that before, but knew without a doubt, yes He would. So shouldn't we? That doesn't say I endorse their lifestyle, but as a Christian I extend my hand in Jesus Christ's love.

    1. Amen!! I've known people who have struggled with homosexuality and even those in the lifestyle. I was a support group leader at a church at one time and had a women in my group was dealing with severe childhood abuse. Her brothers and father, on a regular basis, would rape she grew up hating men. But, like everyone, she had a strong yearning to be close to someone but could not be near, anyway, I won't go any further with that but to say, that of course Jesus would sit and eat with any sinner...including all of us. Thank you, blessings!!

  2. We must love homosexuals.
    Even so, we must love them with the Truth.
    The truth is Jesus loves them, but He hates the sin.

    The real danger is when Christians try to sidestep the truth using "love".
    When Christians teach homosexuals that they are OK or ALRIGHT with being homosexuals the Christian has crossed the line from love to INIQUITY.
    Iniquity is teaching lies, distortions, and half truths.

    I have visited churches which love the homosexual, but who also teach that homosexuality is acceptable, so long as they don't hurt anyone.
    These same churches teach that homosexual love is just another love, so homosexuals should be allowed to marry.

    As you can see there is a fine line between love and iniquity.
    Jesus has clearly taught us that WORKERS OF INIQUITY will find their place in hell.
    Even if you are saved, and you die a worker of iniquity, you will go to hell.
    Iniquity is far worse than homosexuality.

    Of course, if a worker of iniquity repents they will be forgiven.
    Just as a homosexual will be forgiven when they also repent.
    We must continue offering Christ's love to all sinners, but make certain you never become a worker of iniquity.

    1. Saintly Mic,
      Thank you for your comment! The thing I also want people to remember is, that number one - we cannot do anything continually good without the power of the Holy Spirit. In Galatians 5:16-26 it says that the old nature loves to do wrong...and we can't patch it up like patching up an old wine skin to make it work better. It has to become completely new first -- which means a person first has to come to Christ in order to have the power to obtain the new nature. So, first a sinner must come to Christ, or we are just trying to patch up an old wine skin and trying to get the old nature to like doing good. But the bible says we can't make the old nature to like being good. We also cannot save ourselves, if we could then we would have no need of Christ...we MUST come to Him first, obtain a new nature and then His Holy Spirit works in us to produce what is good and eternal.

      Blessings to you!!


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