Thursday, March 7, 2013

What Defines You?



Do you overeat on a regular basis? Do you have a tendency to talk about other's oddities or faults? Then according to many Christians today you are a glutton or a gossip. Not a fallen person JUST like they are. No. You are the sin you do! Your besetting sin defines you.



But this is what we do, don't we?  The homosexual is nothing else but a homosexual. Have we have put a big scarlet letter on them so everyone knows that they are seperate from others? That some sinners are less sinful then others? So, I wonder; does this make us feel more spiritual or something? Because one thing it does it lessens the power of God's grace and wisdom ~ as it says that God is not capable of redeeming some people as much as others. 


Please take a moment and read the following short article by J.S. Park~


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