Tuesday, February 5, 2013

True Happiness


What brings true happiness?? Or maybe contentment is a better word. To be assured that you are in the right place in your life and you finally have security? Or does it have little to do with these things...because what's on the outside will always be changing...kids growing, society is upside-down, illnesses, business trips, breakups, job losses and gains, deaths and births --- but, then you think of when you and Jesus got together, and it was then that you got one thing that does not change! You finally have peace, a new heart and God is IN you! Awesome!! So, whatever you do or whatever happens to you, or wherever you go...you have something that is constant...a rock! This was a wonderful event! Yes, you think to yourself, I have been saved by grace, so now I don't have to do a thing -- this is the beginning of true peace and happiness! Yes!


So then, here's another question for you. Can you think of something that happened to you at one time or another that was so sweet, and made you so happy that all you could do was smile? You walked around with a grin on your face, or a lightness in your step? It was an occurrence that you wanted to share with everyone you met! This was such an amazing thing that you became kinder and more patient because it changed you inside...and because you were so grateful for it! People looked at you wondering what the grinning was all about?


The people around you couldn't help but inquire what had happened to you? You've been blessed and you can't keep it inside...so you look for ways to pass on some of that blessing to others! So as you are out and about that day you've noticed things you had never really noticed before...and then by the time you leave the grocery store that afternoon you've helped two people...one who dropped a can and you chased it for her as it rolled down the isle and the other to reach something.





Then you started two short discussions over fresh baked bread where you were able to share your occurrence with one of them...and you let the person behind you in line go ahead which made her smile but shake her head wondering why you did such a thing! Then when you get home you are so wonderfully exhausted that you decide to get to bed early....so you call your fiance and tell them what a happy day you've had because of the engagement! WHAT? Did you think this was about getting saved or something?!


However, wouldn't this be great if we did respond this way? That we valued the gift of grace so highly and having Jesus...that Rock...that constant...in our life so much that we wanted everyone else to have Him too! So even when we hardly spoke a word our lives were a witness to others of God's love and grace!? That we considered this true happiness? To where our lives are so salty that just being around us makes people thirsty? And our light is so bright that people are either drawn to us like a moth to a flame or convicted just by being around us because our steadiness and sincere love challenges them? 


We are the ones that show the most love to others, because we are the ones that have the greatest love right inside of us?! And people are looking at us with either awe or hate....but never with disgust because of our hypocrisy!?

Or is Jesus worth all this fuss?



"I do all this to spread the Good News, and in doing so I enjoy it's blessings."

1 Cor. 9:23 


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  1. Lovely and thought provoking post! Hey, I've tried to follow/subscribe to your blog but it won't let me. Seems I have to belong to certain sites or Blogspot won't allow me to be a follower. So, I bookmarked you in my Chrome Bookmarks bar! I'm glad it's not so hard to subscribe over at WordPress. Blessings!


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