Monday, December 3, 2012

If The World Was For Sale - Pt 1

Let's say one day as you're watching the news a special news report comes on, saying that the world is for sale...well, actually, it is up for auction. The bills of many of the 1st world countries are way overdue, and so for the world to continue running it will have to be sold to the highest bidder.

During this surprising news flash a list of the people that have already placed their bid is put up for all to see. It's an impressive list of who's who. Then across the screen you see that this newscast is a rerun of a previous broadcast., this means it hasn't sold yet. Then you pick up today's paper and see that the UN continues to say that when they add things up that there still is not enough money offered in any one bid to even begin to cover the cost of the whole world.

I am not sure if anyone has ever tried to calculate what the price would be of the whole world....but, in my mind it would probably be incalculable.

The value of this world and all of the life on it...immeasurable.

The beauty and the wonders of this created world are so amazing it would be about impossible to figure out it's worth.

Now think about heaven and eternal life. If God can create such temporal, yet precious wonder here...and then considering what we know about eternal life, and then heaven by reading in Revelations 21-22...the latter has got to be more costly than life here on earth has ever been.

So, imagining this...the worth of what is to well as God already telling us that He took it upon Himself to pay for it by sending His own can we ever even think of trying to pay it back in any way??

I remember a Pastor speaking one time about our salvation and Christ's payment for us. He said it came home to him during a summer when he was asked by a church member to spend some time with her son as he was really struggling. So over that summer he took time at least every week. He took him places and basically spent very good quality time with him.

At the end of the summer he got a thank you card in the mail, which he appreciated...yet, it also had a $10 bill in the card too, which he said felt just like a slap in the face. He said that after all the energy, time and caring he spent (and money too) on this young man, that $10 was all it appeared to be worth to her.

He told us that no matter what her intention (which after thinking about it, he realized she didn't mean to imply that it wasn't worth very much), this was however a good lesson for him about the worth of salvation and God's grace and the price that had already (and completely) been paid for it. God showed him that when we try to pay God back for His free gift, it is like we are whittling it down to human level, and as something that is not worth as much. We would also not be fully acknowledging or paying attention to what Jesus went through to pay for though he still didn't pay the full price, so we have to add to it.

Pt 2 coming soon....


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