Thursday, November 22, 2012

My 2c About Guns

I first named this blog the name it has because I knew that around every corner in life God is there. He is the answer to everything. You may think that you can go ahead and make up your mind about some things cause God doesn't care about them....but God is around every corner, and He does care about them. Each piece of your life is a part of the puzzle God is putting make sure not to hold any pieces back from Him.

What does God tell us about human nature and evil? When thinking about guns in society, I think this is an important question to ask. If we were born good....or with a tendency towards good, then I don't think the public having guns would be a big deal. However, we are born with an evil nature that naturally only thinks of self. In Gal. 5: 16-26 it speaks explicitly that human nature only can produce evil...on it's own it is capable of nothing else.

So therefore, we want guns to keep us from harm, but then at the same time we are actually putting guns in the hands of the same evil nature we would be trying to protect ourselves from?? Huh?!??

Another consideration is that humans not only have a bad nature, but our world also has a devil too...who loves to destroy, as well as entice the human nature to do the same!

SO, we are born with an evil nature....WITH a devil....which has many of our children born into abusive and desperate situations and growing up around crime and want -- which produces criminals who do the same to their children...and on and on it goes!

Therefore, just allowing anyone to have a gun in this world is foolish. It also says that we as Christians truly don't believe our human nature is all that bad as God says it is. BTW, the human nature is also why God tells us that it is the world that NEEDS laws -- because they need to be told what to do and how to do it. The bible says they need restrictions put on their behaviors so as to temper them!

This also means that if we allow guns to be in the hands of basically any given American, then WE are the ones that are participating in the violence. Yes, we! A gun cannot fire on it's own, but the evil nature can and will be tempted to use it for harm...therefore we are putting temptation to harm in the hands the evil nature. Real smart.

To me this issue has shown the state of the church today...self-centered. I can understand the feeling for the need for guns in a sinful world...yet as it is we are NOT thinking about the other side of the coin - that allowing, without restrictions, the world to have the guns will defeat the purpose. Since we know the 'secret' that we are born with an evil nature and so forth....then we must be the ones that demand that anyone that wants a gun be proven (to the best if our ability) trustworthy with it. Background checks and gun training.

Another very important thing we as Christians must consider -- St. Paul (in 1 Cor. chapters 9-11) said that we must not put an obstacle in the way of any sinner coming to Christ. So since we obviously do have the ability to do this to people, then we must do what we can to make sure that the devil does not try and snuff people out or harm them in such a way that either has taken away their chance all together, or drawn them away from accepting the Lord. I've seen the enemy do this...

Also, last but NOT least - we must protect our children from violence....we will be responsible if we even let one fall because of our negligence.


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